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If I friended you and I forgot to leave a comment then it's probably because we have a few things in common or because you write fic I want to stay updated on or because, well those are really the big reasons. But I promise I'm not creepy or evil. I just have a tendency to spam post. I try to keep it to a max. of 3 posts a day if that.

1. I am really bad at replying to comments. I'll leave a comment, get a reply, and then I forget to reply back and then I feel guilty. What happens is I try to come up with a reply, I'll then forget I had a comment to reply to, and then by the time I remember or come up with something like a week has passed so then I just don't do it. In conclusion: it's not you, it's me.

2. I'm getting a bit more paranoid in my old age so almost every thing is locked.

3. Feel free to friend/unfriend at will (though if you unfriend, or even friend, I would appreciate a comment on the my most recent post). I might be sad if you unfriend but I won't hunt you down and curse you. I'm not in touch with the voodoo part of my heritage.

4. Check my interests for anything else.

5. Stylesheet by fruitstyle

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